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When you Donate please know that your funds go directly to the health and well being of the therapy horses as well as the  direct running of our youth at risk, special needs and horse camp programs.

Shari & Domino "In Loving Memory"


This program directly involves human services. My name is Shari and I am the founder of Healing With Horses. I found myself in a horrific near fatal auto accident years ago lifted by life star which left me permantly disabeled, unable to speak, walk and reason due to severe trauma, broken bones, internal injuries and traumatic brain injury. 

I was desperate to find ways to cope with my unique situation allowing me to rehabilitate and heal myself in an unconventional way. I met a variety of people along the way different ages from all walks of life. The programs here are very personal to me. Through the use of horses I was empowered with self growth, compassion and motivation to get myself through the most difficult time of my entire life through rescuing and rehabilitating horses.




Shari and Pegasus Dreamer



The Merging of Horses and Learning

(Click photo above)


Ever wonder what happens to abused and neglected horses? Some put them to sleep, others are beaten or starved to death, some are left tied to barns with notes attached as the owners have moved on. Others have been placed alone in dark stalls with no food or water and some turn them over to the unknown with no regrets.  This has happened to many of the horses before arriving here.

Rescues such as ours are run by people with regular jobs. They are hard working and have compassion in their hearts who struggle daily to provide food, shelter, medical care, vetting, supplements, farriers, treats and love to these majestic animals. 

The love is the easy part. The work is difficult and the rewards are ongoing and heart felt. Volunteers work from their heart with compassion and kindness. We are reaching out to all of YOU for help. As a 501(c)3 non profit, this facility survives on donaions from regular people that work hard like you do. We need funding and sponsors. We cannot save them all. Together we CAN make a difference.


When you look into the EYE of the HORSE you see a Reflection of your Soul

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Chase with Laura


 Shari and Jimmeh



Click Link to Play Video of "Healing With Horses"


*The Elite Equestrian's*

This unique club is for youth ages 9 through 24 and promotes support, structure and socialization. The club is held every Saturday from 10:30 to 4:30 all year round regardless of the weather. Share the love of our four legged friends with our experienced, professional and certified staff. This club promotes accountability, positive self esteem  for female youth and women with long term illness and empowerment through the use of horses. Male youth are permitted in our programs.

Only $75.00 for the entire day.


Equine Assisted Healing "One with Horse"

*Scholarships Now Available*

If you are in need of a scholarship for your child you may call our office and we will send you an application to apply. We ask that you attach a proposal request for the child wishing to attend our program. Please provide us with a percentage of scholarship funds needed toward the scholarship you are requesting.  The child may write their own request and attach that as well. Our scholarship funds are limited we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to be considered  Cut off scholarship dates are Dec 1, 2015. Grants will be awarded in the Spring of 2016.

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Click Link to Play Video ~ The Dream of The horse human bond


"Healing With Horses" at WildRose Horse Farm 501(c)3 copyright 2003/Shari Rosati All Rights Reserved.

The Healing With Horses Difference

Healing With Horses promotes Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy as well as providing the finest programs available  with over 50 years experience. We believe every session must be tailored precisely to each individual. We also rescue abused and neglected horses to rehabilitate then provide them with specialized training for our equine assisted activities which provides personalized instruction and guidance for emotionally challenged people.

We have established professional certified instructors experienced in social behavior, equine behavior and therapy, communication skills to help challenged individuals with special needs.  We offer Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT), Equine Assisted Healing (EAH) and Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) in the styles of Dressage, English or Western which includes Equine Safety and General Horse Care. We bring the New World of Horsemanship to YOU. Our programs include Spiritual Healing for Recovery's of all kinds.  

We teach people how to bond and communicate with horses. Our focus is on "Youth at Risk".  We design private sessions for individuals with a team of Professionals working together with our advanced, experienced and Certified  Staff who all offer a variety of unique  equine backgrounds. With the help of our Four-Legged Therapists who are gentle, well mannered and patient.

Equine Assisted Healing, Therapy and Activities


We have worked with a variety of Public School Systems including our Courts for Youth at Risk, Department of Children and Families, Tramautic Brain Injury Association, Wounded Warriors, Veterans Returning Home, United Community Family Services, Waterford Country School and an extensive variety of others.  We have also worked with the Montville Board of Education creating classes for their High School and Middle School Children for our onsite programs "The Discovery of Horses".  We have extended ourselves to people in need of Equine Assisted Therapy and Recovery's of any kind through horse healing. The program for each  participant is customized to the specific objectives tailored to his/her ability. Second only to emphasis on safety is a large dose of fun with a focus for the individual’s needs and functionality.


Our programs extend to all needing help from Anxiety Disorders, Bereavement, Cancer Recovery, Communication Skills, Family Counseling, Depression, PTSD, TBI, ADD, Attachment Disorder, Stress, Pain Management, People In Transition, Cronic Illness, Domestic Violence including those recovering from Addictions and General Mental Health.

For hundreds of centuries, the horse and human bond has been known for its healing power. Use of the horse in a therapeutic role, from helping wounded veterans regain functionality, to augmenting the development of struggling children, has grown dramatically. Two principal programs have developed, which may appear similar from a distance, but have a different focus.  The process of becoming one of the herd, has us slow down, become more present in time. Horses cues happen within seconds. When humans slow down and calm their breathing, feel from the heart and trust in their bodies communication system, they become at peace with themselves and their environment. One begins to feel connected to the energy of all that is. 

 Horses depend on knowing the emotional state of every member of their herd and they do not judge any emotion as good or bad. The herd is free to tell the truth and deal with their emotions as they arise authentically, responsibly, completely and in the moment. There is no blocking emotions. Horses stay clear and clean which brings them emotional freedom. This again is what we call "One with Horse".



Supported by the Petit Family Foundation

   860-912-1557 Shari Ann Rosati-Terry/ President/Founder

       860-705-8168  Lee Allen Terry/ Vice-President/ Co- Founder




 The Role of the Equine as Partner in EAAT

New scientific research continues to reveal critical information about equine sentience- their abilities of perception, cognition, memory, and emotions such as pain and fear. Horses are able to perceive, respond to and learn from the impressions they receive from minimal sensory stimuli. The stimulus may originate from changes in human biochemistry, body language, or vocal intonations. It can also come from changes in the equine’s environment, relationships with other horses, or the horse’s general health In this way, horses make decisions based upon the stimuli they experience from others or from their environment .

These abilities are based in natural, biological, physiological, and psychological traits of equines. Each horse is unique in personality, and has individual likes, dislikes and habits. The information gained from equine communication can be highly useful in all EAAT settings. Listening to equine communication can have an effect on the care of the horses, their rate of burnout, and the success of the human-equine interaction. In EAAT sessions or lessons, viewing the horse as a partner invites opportunities for relationship building and skill building with all participants served.

      Serving Southeastern Ct

        Equine Assisted Activities, Therapy Programs and General Lessons   



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Your generous donations will help us to continue to provide our wellness programs allowing us to help rescue horses and help people in YOUR Community! 


Lee & Doc


 Twister and Emily


 The bond with a Therapy Horse is like no other


Twister at Play (click his photo above)


 Horses Help Heal Breast Cancer 

"Click Photo Below"      


I have been asked if horses can help heal cancer. Click on the above photo of "Mr. Domino Effect" to read how Horses Help Heal Cancer Patients & Their Loved Ones: Neurosurgeon Teams Up with Resort for Cancer Patients to Teach Overcoming Fear & Sense of Powerlessness.


Jess and Renegade


Toby and Haley