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Mission Statement
Our mission at Healing With Horses is to provide a professional, enjoyable, safe, and relaxing environment for people with emotional and cognitive challenges in which they can achieve personal, wellness goals through the use of horses rescued from abuse, neglect or bad situations.
Our History
We began our rescuing and rehabilitating of horses in 1998 as a Hobby Farm. We then became a  DBA working horse farm in the year 2003. We applied for our LLC in the year 2005 as WildRose Horse Farm, Inc. Healing With Horses was a program running under Wildrose Horse Farm established in 2005  to help rescue horses and provide equine assisted therapy to people with emotional and cognitive challenges. It was then we started our journey to become an an official 501(c)3 non-profit entity in the year 2007. We recieved our Non profit status in the year 2012. Our founder, who still dedicates  much of her life to this organization today, is Shari A. Terry. Having utilized these exact programs herself after suffering from a near fatal car accident in 1994.
Shari had a special drive to offer these programs to as many people as she could. Shari’s accident left her to battle a traumatic brain injury, various broken bones, and a slew of other medical problems. Through equine assisted therapy, Shari was able to overcome not only her physical challenges of learning to walk again, but also the emotional challenges involved in such a life changing event. These four-legged, empathetic, gentle giants saved her life. It is Shari’s love for horses and real life experience of the way they can truly help people, that inspired her to create Healing With Horses.
What We Do
Healing With Horses promotes equine assisted activities and therapy as well as providing the finest programs available with over 60 years experience. We believe every session must be tailored precisely to each individual based off of their personal and wellness goals.
Each of our horses was taken from an unwanted or life threatening situation, rehabilitated, and trained to handle therapeutic clients. Healing With Horses places an emphasizes equine communication and bonding.
Our horses offer the best ears for listening, as they’ve been through hard times just like you. We have established professional certified instructors experienced in social behavior, equine behavior and therapy, as well as communication skills in order to help challenged individuals with special needs. We offer equine assisted therapy (EAT), equine assisted healing (EAH) and equine assisted learning (EAL). Each participant learns about equine safety and general horse care.
Healing With Horses brings the new world of horsemanship to you.
Healing With Horses is all about positive reinforcement to promote emotional and spiritual healing. While your healing and safety are our top priorities, we also encourage all participants to have a fun time on the farm!


Nikki and Twister first meet 



Twister and Emily




Toby knows how to undo lead line ropes!


Penny's first Therapeutic Session with Indy and Instructor Lee!


"Mirrors That Reflect Our Souls"


Indy and Morgan 


Megan, Lessons with Twister and Lee


Amanda and Twister


 Lee and Twister


Pegasus Dreamer


Shari and Pegasus


Shari's Story  "The Near Fatal Auto Accident"

Horses have been in my life since childhood. I continued to dream and breathe horses. I rode often and was around many horses including my own. When I was 12 my Dad got me my first horse named "Dutchess".  She was a gorgeous black and white Pinto Tobiano and was in need of weight. I kept horses always in my life. When I was in my fourties the unimaginable happened! In the year 1994. I was lifted by life star due to a horrific near fatal auto accident. I died and came back thanks to the persistent work of all my doctors, I survived. The accident left me with severe brain bleeding called TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury). I broke nearly every bone in my body, my right foot was severed, I had open tibia fractures, broken ribs on my left side. I also suffered severe fractures of my arms, broke my left shoulder and collar bone.

I suffered Horner's Syndrome that made my pupils stay fixed which made my eyes very sensitive to light. My face drooped on the right side. I had lacerated my spleen and had internal bleeding along with permanent nerve and brain damage! I was hospitalized for a very long time then transfered to a nursing home. My family was told I would probably never walk or talk again if I lived at all.  As time went on after several years the doctors also found I could only sweat on half my body. This makes any excercise difficult as I would become very overheated. Keeping a normal body temperature made life very difficult and does the same to this day. 

As if that wasn't enough, when I awakened I had no life, in other words severe memory loss from the TBI. When I finally became aware of my surroundings I thought it was 15 years earlier than the present time. I was gone from my real life for a very long time. A friend took me into their home out of the nursing home. With much time and patience I went from a wheelchair, to a walker, and struggled to walk with a cane. It was well over a year before I could attempt walking. My speech returned slowly as I slurred my words and drooled much of the time.

My friend knew my passion, love and respect for horses and knew I had them in my life. I was driven to a farm weekly to be around horses. I first started with bonding and grooming the horse. The aroma and scent of the horse was so relaxing. I was so motivated to try to get my life back. I wanted to look the same and be the same. My face was distorted my scars consumed me. I sunk into severe depression. Those horses showed me love and compassion. They never judged me.  I could feel them inside my soul. I was driven and encouraged to try and my self worth and self esteem began to return. Everything I knew with regard to my physical attributes about riding began to return to me slowly. The love and the passion returned along with my smile.

I began another mission to slowly start looking for a horse for myself. My balance was way off as I had no feeling in my right leg and still do not to this day. I continued almost daily returning to this farm and felt my condition improving. After two years of consistantly riding and working hard at regaining my skills I decided it was time to get a horse of my own. I of course have permanent pins, plates and screws in my foot, my tibia, legs, my shoulder, arms and collarbone area. Too many to mention.

I started my search from barn to barn for a year. Finally, I happened upon a huge seal bay horse I named "Pegasus Dreamer". Our eyes met, "I could see into his soul". I knew he could see into mine! I admitted to myself I needed him and he needed me. In the same stable was a an intelligent Appaloosa gelding named Mr. Domino Effect. With much help through equine therapy, yoga and guidence I started back into my equestrian journey that I had held so dear to me in my life prior to the auto accident.

A bond formed and before I knew it I was riding and regaining my balance and my strength. My speech improved, however, the damage to my brain was permanent. I suffered from seizures and black outs but the horses KNEW and nuzzled me. I then got a call from a friend about "Doc" the leopard Appaloosa. He was gentle and kind so I took him home also. These horses needed homes I rescued them and they rescued me.

I still suffer from Seizures, PTSD, Blackouts, Vertigo and also only sweat on half of my body which is very dangerous. We have all come a long way and "I OWE MY LIFE TO MY HORSES" and the people that helped me along the way!

I founded a 501(c)3 non-profit organization called "Healing With Horses" at WildRose Horse Farm, Inc. and decided to continue rescuing horses that are unwanted, neglected or abused with help from wonderful board members and staff.  Helping others in need through horse therapy is rewarding to all. Please give, every little bit helps. This is all a tax write off for all donors. I am not able to work with all the permanent damage and had alot of help writing this. Remember DON'T ever give up on life. Take a deep breath,live life one hoof beat at a time, live in the moment and think positive. You can accomplish anything with a positive attitude and the help of an equine friend.

Story by: Shari Rosati-Terry


Shari (age 14) Living in Southington CT on my first horse "Dutchess"


"Mr.Tiggs" Our Ambassador and Service Dog


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Toby and Doc


Shari and Indy 


Aubs bonding with Twister


Twister gets a kiss


Twister and Jimmeh


Shari riding Indy


Doc's Spotted Bear


 Twister having a dirt bath!


 Laura & Doc - Morgan & Indy


Twister and Sophia