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Equine Assisted Activities, Therapy and Learning Programs


"Mirrors that Reflect our Soul Touched in a Moment of Time" 

PROGRAMS 2014 - 2015



 Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions are priced by the Individualized Program per hour call for prices. 



This is an un-mounted experience of bonding through grooming and touching a horse with gentleness and a calming technique. Caring with Combs is a hands on relaxing grooming and bonding program that allows participants to work with any of the horses they are  drawn to. We find some of the participants that are intimidated by the larger horses use our ponies for this program. It is easy for clients with big anxiety to work with the little guys they are easier to be around. They watch them, take photos of them are taught equine safety and lunging. That one on one bond with the horse puts many smiles on the faces of so many.






Have you ever wondered what horses are thinking? We offer classes here at "Healing With Horses" at WildRose Horse Farm that will teach you how to read equine body language which will make you aware of not only horse body language it will teach you human body language as well. Observe the hierachy of the herd. Interact with the horses verbally and through body language. This class will not only enlighten you, it will be an unimaginable experience. Learn what horses are saying to each other just by their body language, the unspoken language, position of ears, nostrils, eye contact and the way they move. Learning body language of the horse is imperative to bonding with a horse and is helpful when riding in any Therapeutic Lesson Program. Call to register for this Exceptional Class which has been written about in "The Day" newspaper and "Montville Times". Contact the office for enrollment.



We are offering a program called "Angel Sponsor's" a horse at WildRose Horse Farm. This program will help the horses sponsored with hay and grain through the winter months. It also includes vetting and farrier bills. For $50.00 a month you can sponsor your favorite horse. Pick a horse from the gallery in our website you wish to sponsor e mail or call us. You can make hay or grain purchases through any feed and grain store in CT to make a purchase for the farm. You will be kept updated with photos, news letters and visitation is encouraged for your sponsored horse by appointment. Call Shari for more information. This program continues through out the year.



Drawing Horses - Classes All Year round. Morning and evening classes. Call for dates and times.
Mediums (pencil, oil, acrylic, chalk and watercolor). Open up your mind. Therapeutic and Relaxing un-mounted EAAT. Express yourself by espousing of your love for horses. Class held rain or shine. In many classes "The Horse" will be your live model in good weather. The overview of this class is to teach basic lines and circles to begin to create the Majestic horse we all admire. Bring your Own Supplies and experience Horses of all Colors for your pallet.


We have started working with project "HOPE" Healing Our Patriots Emotions of Stress raising awareness for our military Patriots. So many are not aware of the hundreds of thousands contemplating suicide within our military. There are currently over 9,000 Military Veterans that have committed suicide. For those of you that have served or have had family or friends that served please help us give thanks for the freedom they have provided you by supporting them. We are currently taking donations.



MARES and FILLIES for (Mothers and Daughters)

A special program designed for moms and daughters to identify with each other and share a common and special bond together. They also get to discover common interests and goals to bring them an everlasting common relationship with the horse.





People experience numerous transitions throughout their lives that are eased by Horse-Human bond with horses because of their sentient nature. Life transitions include job changes or loss, divorce, mourning, self-affirmation, self actualization, depression, returning to society from prision and Trauma of any kind. Sessions include Bonding time with Horses, Observation of horse Behavior and Discussions


Taking Pictures has always been a relaxing past time for many people. Taught by a professional photorapher. Relax, Enjoy taking photos on the farm. Horses, Chickens, Flowers, Trees, Birds, Nature and more. This also includes Macro Photography. Facilitated by a Certified Therapist for Equine Assisted Therapy here at Healing With Horses. This is a new program it allows you to be around horses and other farm animals. Feel Free and Relaxed. Call anytime to sign up.



We offer "Saviors For Survivors" for PTSD including Trauma of any kind. Equine assisted therapy is effective for veterans and other survivors of trauma. Survivors tend to avoid talking about those memories that are so painful. The emphasis of this therapy is to learn to pick up non verbal cues. Working with horses teaches the participant to relax and adapt to behaviors through body language with horses.  To our youth trust can be a huge factor. This program begins with caring and grooming. It helps teens to care for a horse by studying safety, respect and horse behavior. With that teens become aware of their own feelings and how they affect others through working with the horse. Eventually teens learn to love and trust their equine friends. A Mentor will work with teens and assist them with learning to trust and bond with the horse. This unparalleled program is available all year round with Certified Professionals. Call with any questions, concerns or needs prior to intake appoitment. These individualized classes are unprecedented and updated by an EAAT professional who will indivdualize a program specifically for the teens situation can be facilitated through un-mounted programs.

TIC/HWH Therapeutic Instruction Certification Classes

We offer Certification courses for Instructors and Side Walkers with our advanced Certified Instructors and Teachers.
We Require our Lead Instructors to hold a certificate in First Aid and CPR. We also require our Instructors to Pass our Certification Classes prior to Teaching, Instructing or Side Walking for Therapeutic Riding in the EAAT field. Safety of Participants, Instructors , Side walkers and Horses is our priority in any EAP Program.. An in depth course tailored for Healing With Horses and Equine Assisted Therapy which has been designed specifically by our Physicians, Clinicians, Psychologists and Teachers in the Equine Field. Our staff reviews your specific goals which will allow you to sign up for the next Instructor's Classes. For Instructors at Healing With Horses wanting to teach EQUINE ASSISTED THERAPY to the public. Check the update page for dates or the office available times.



One-on-one hourly programs include Meditation, Bonding time with Horses, Observation of Horse Behavior and Discussion groups. Responsibility, accountability, self esteem, confidence taught through individual interaction with the horse. Course work includes grooming, feeding, general horse care and maintenance. Mounted and un-mounted activities. Privately Scheduled with CHA or TIC Certified Instructor. Recommendation from guidance, mental health counselor or social worker preferred




Kre8ive Horse Kamp - held every Saturday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm ages 8 to 13 We run this program all year. Call for Availability.  













Programs, Sessions and Learning

Healing With Horses at WildRose Horse Farm, Inc. specializes in individualizing Therapeutic Sessions to suit your level of skills and needs. We are about Emotional and Spiritual healing. We teach beginners from safety through grooming and tacking. This includes positive reinforcement, communication skills that will be applied to everyday situations through EAAT Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy.

Video tapes and/or books will be suggested prior to your first lessons. Helmets and boots are a must. We do supply helmets until you feel that Equine therapy is what you desire. Our priority is your safety. We want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Who would benefit from Equine Assisted Therapy? People with phychological, cognitive, physical, emotional and social disabilities may use equine assisted activities adapted as needed - as a recreation and leisure experience. The emphasis is on an enjoyable and relaxing experience that provides additional therapeutic benefits in the areas of socialization, posture, mobility, and an overall improved quality of life. Individuals may participate in horse-related activities to their maximum ability in an atmosphere of support, structure, education and socialization for the primary purpose of the intrinsic enjoyment of the activity through EAT (Equine Assisted Therapy).



Horse Camp  

                                    First Week Monday, July 13, 2015 through July 17, 2015  11:00 am to 3:00 pm

                                      These spots go quickly call for information for next years Camp Availability!



"The Discovery of Horses" Kreative Horse Kamp and Summer Camps will include everything you wanted to know about horses. How to run a horse a business is included and interaction with the horses will be included. There is limited space so please call and enroll your child or grandchild for a week of horse fun and creativity. Students are required to dress appropriately comfortable clothes, NO FLIP FLOPS or OPEN TOED SHOES Boots are MANDATORY! They must bring their own lunch, water and snacks ...A release of Liability must be signed and a Deposit is required at signup. We suggest you sign your child up as soon as possible to reserve their space in the camp. Your child will be taught Equine safety, Equine communication, First Aid, Horsemanship, Tacking and Grooming, Farrier, Vetting and how to interact with horses, Art Classes and many other fun activities. All Horse camps held will be facilitated by professional experienced certified instructors!

We must apologize our two week summer camps will fill up quickly please call soon.

All Photos are the property of Healing With Horses at WildRose Horse Farm, Inc. A Propritory Agreement and Photo Release has been signed by Volunteers and Participants. Thank You