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Lessons and Sessions We Currently Offer


Caring With Combs

This programs fits the needs of anyone who wants to be closer to horses and does not wish to ride. Our Clinicians will design a private personalized program designed for anyones specific needs whether they wish to groom, hug, photograph, draw or just be around horses. We have a variety of horses in size from ponies to regular horses. Give us a call if you would like to interact with horses in a unique way.  


Community Service

We are a 501(c)3 which enables us to permit those in need of community service to come to our facility.  Those who want to give back to the community, who need community service to graduate, hours for college or schooling and those who are required by the courts. 


Equine Communication Classes

Have you ever wondered what horses are thinking? We offer classes here at Healing With Horses that will teach you how to read equine body language that transfers into improving your interactions with humans. Observe the hierarchy of the herd and interact with the horses verbally and through body language. This class will not only enlighten you, it will be an unimaginable experience. Learn what horses are saying to each other just by their body language, the unspoken language. Learning body language of the horse is imperative to bonding with a horse and is helpful when riding in any Therapeutic Lesson Program. Call to register for this exceptional class which has been written about in "The Day" newspaper and "Montville Times"


Equine Angel Advocates (Sponsor a Horse)


In this program, you can sponsor one of our therapy horses. The cost of this program helps Healing With Horses cover feed and vet bills that our equine angels require to stay healthy. Learn about owning a horse, grooming, equine communication, and limited riding to those with proven riding capabilities. You can also sponsor a horse from afar and receive regular updates and photos/videos of “your” horse in action! Your contribution to this program allows us to expand our scholarship resources and expand our farm to help more people in the community




Focus, Relax and Listen to the horse breathe. Become one with the horse through gentle, stretching movements This program fits the needs of anyone who wants to be closer to horses and does not wish to ride. Our clinicians will create a private personalized program designed for anyone’s specific needs. Choose music to play in the background to further relax your inner being. Learn about yourself and enter your soul. Listen to the sounds of nature around you in a serene setting. Destress.


General Riding Instruction

Sign up to learn about riding horses at any level or discipline. You will receive professional instruction in a calm, safe and positive environment. Become one with the horse through partnership. You will develop balance and coordination skills that will further your equine riding experience. Each participant will also learn other equine skills such as grooming, tacking, horse communication and equine management.


Saviors for Survivors

This mounted or unmounted program is to benefit our Veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the challenges that come with it. People suffering from other traumatic experiences are welcome to this program as well, especially those recommended by their doctor. The program is fit to the participant’s particular needs and goals and is only given one-on-one.



Say Whoa to Bullying

This program provides rehabilitative therapy to enhance the recovery of Bullying survivors. Combined with yoga, meditation, music, art, and journaling, clients heal emotional scars, regain trust, improve composure, confidence, balance, strength, endurance, self esteem and self empowerment. We use our horses to give participants the bond that they longed for throughout their bullying experience to help survivors overcome.

Therapeutic Riding Lessons

We offer therapeutic riding lessons to those with emotional and cognitive challenges. Healing With Horses is a "safe haven" where we work individually with our clients needs. Our therapeutic horses offer affection, boost of confidence and increase self worth along with many other benefits. If you find yourself not fitting into other programs, but still have special needs, this is the one for you. This program is also specifically designed to each individual.



Healing With Horses has open doors to those who would like to volunteer. The work on a farm is never finished, or so they say! New volunteers will work with one of our lead volunteers to learn about equine safety and the jobs that need doing. No horse experience required. Ledyard High School Agri-Science students CAN use hours volunteered here as part of their Supervised Agriculture Experience that is required of them.


Woman In Transition

The Women in Transition program are for women who suffer from depression, addiction, illness and are in need of coping skills. Our program offers awareness and educational resources that you can utilize. Through the use of rescued horses that have been neglected or abused, women can learn to bond and accept the challenges life has faced them. These horses offer women trust, compassion, and a secure feeling. The horse-human bond established here helps build self-respect, empowerment and pride to women who have been abused or are suffering from a long term illness such as cancer. The horses along with staff provide stability and support through a life changing transition.


Youth at Risk Educational Series

This program focuses on healing adolescents with Anger or Addiction problems including those resulting from a difficult life style at home and/or domestic violence. Adolescents come to a calm and controlled environment where they can learn to accept their problems with anger or addiction and start the healing process of gaining self appreciation and new beginnings. Participants will be given a chance to confide in and be reassured by our therapy horses through bonding and communication that helps find acceptance. Adolescents will have full support from mentors and certified instructors that will encourage important coping skills in their daily lives. The support through rough times with these kids will be vital in their recovery to stay clean/sober and handle their anger/emotions without self harm.