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Healing With Horses, Inc
Lessons and Sessions

Programs, Sessions and Learning

Healing With Horses at WildRose Horse Farm, Inc. specializes in individualizing Therapeutic Sessions to suit your level of skills and needs. We are about Emotional and Spiritual healing. We teach beginners from safety through grooming and tacking. This includes positive reinforcement, communication skills that will be applied to everyday situations through EAAT Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy.

Video tapes and/or books will be suggested prior to your first lessons. Helmets and boots are a must. We do supply helmets temporarily. Our priority is your safety. We want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Who would benefit from Equine Assisted Therapy? People with psychological, cognitive, emotional and social disabilities may use equine assisted activities adapted as needed - as a recreation and leisure experience. The emphasis is on an enjoyable and relaxing experience that provides additional therapeutic benefits in the areas of socialization, posture, mobility, and an overall improved quality of life. Individuals may participate in horse-related activities to their maximum ability in an atmosphere of support, structure, education and socialization for the primary purpose of the intrinsic enjoyment of the activity through EAT (Equine Assisted Therapy).



Summer Horse Camp  

 First Week Monday, July 13, 2015 through July 17, 2015  11:00 am to 3:00 pm

These spots go quickly call for information for Camp Availability!



"The Discovery of Horses" Kreative Horse Kamp and Summer Camps will include everything you wanted to know about horses. How to run a horse a business is included and interaction with the horses will be included. There is limited space so please call and enroll your child or grandchild for a week of horse fun and creativity. Students are required to dress appropriately comfortable clothes, NO FLIP FLOPS or OPEN TOED SHOES Boots are MANDATORY! They must bring their own lunch, water and snacks ...A release of Liability must be signed and a Deposit is required at signup. We suggest you sign your child up as soon as possible to reserve their space in the camp. Your child will be taught Equine safety, Equine communication, First Aid, Horsemanship, Tacking and Grooming, Farrier, Vetting and how to interact with horses, Art Classes and many other fun activities. All Horse camps held will be facilitated by professional experienced certified instructors!

We must apologize our two week summer camps will fill up quickly please call soon.

All Photos are the property of Healing With Horses at WildRose Horse Farm, Inc. A Propritory Agreement and Photo Release has been signed by Volunteers and Participants. Thank You




Equine Assisted Activities Learning-Therapy Sessions & Lessons


"Mirrors that Reflect our Soul Touched in a Moment of Time" 

Lessons and Sessions We Currently Offer 2015- 2016




Caring With Combs

This programs fits the needs of anyone who wants to be closer to horses and does not wish to ride. Our Clinicians will design a private personalized program designed for anyones specific needs whether they wish to groom, hug, photograph, draw or just be around horses. We have a variety of horses in size from ponies to regular horses. Give us a call if you would like to interact with horses in a unique way.  


Community Service

We are a 501(c)3 which enables us to permit those in need of community service to come to our facility.  Those who want to give back to the community, who need community service to graduate, hours for college or schooling and those who are required by the courts. 


Elite Equestrian Club

Is your daughter horse crazy? Ever want to just nuzzle up to a soft nose and go for a ride with an equine friend?  Here at Healing with Horses we are have started our second Saturday program for the youths of our community to have an experience like no other. Join the "Elite Equestrian Youth Club of HWH" and share the love of our four legged friends, gain horse knowledge and experience with our staff and certified instructors. We offer extensive horse knowledge, horse handling, safety procedures, horse back riding, grooming and bonding with the horse, bringing the community closer to horses, horse communication and behavior, training demonstrations, games and activities.  Programs will run on Saturdays from 10:30 to 4:30. We are seeking out children from Middle Schools throuh High School. This program runs in three month intervals and meets weekly. 


  Equine Communication Classes

Have you ever wondered what horses are thinking? We offer classes here at "Healing With Horses" at WildRose Horse Farm that will teach you how to read equine body language which will make you aware of not only horse body language it will teach you human body language as well. Observe the hierachy of the herd. Interact with the horses verbally and through body language. This class will not only enlighten you, it will be an unimaginable experience. Learn what horses are saying to each other just by their body language, the unspoken language, position of ears, nostrils, eye contact and the way they move. Learning body language of the horse is imperative to bonding with a horse and is helpful when riding in any Therapeutic Lesson Program. Call to register for this Exceptional Class which has been written about in "The Day" newspaper and "Montville Times".  Check our updates for seminars.


 Equine Angel Advocates (Sponsor a Horse)

We are offering a program called "Angel Sponsor's" a horse at WildRose Horse Farm. This program will help the horses sponsored with hay and grain through the winter months. It also includes vetting and farrier bills. For a minimum of $50.00 a month you can sponsor your favorite horse. Pick a horse from the gallery in our website you wish to sponsor e mail or call us. You can make hay or grain purchases through any feed and grain store in CT to make a purchase for the farm. You will be kept updated with photos, news letters and visitation is encouraged for your sponsored horse by appointment. Call Shari for more information. This program continues through out the year.



General Riding Instruction 

Sign up to learn about riding horses at any level or dicipline. You will receive professional instruction in a calm, safe and positive environment. Become one with horse through partnership. You will develop balance and coordination skills that will further your equine riding esperience. With lessons ou will also learn other equine skills such as grooming, tacking, horse communication and equine management. 

Safety Training Course

Your level of experience will be evaluated for the price of our Safety Training Programs  


Saviors for Survivors

Program to benefit our Veterans suffering from PTSD, Trauma and Depression. This generally falls under our Equine Assisted Therapy program which provides a specialized program created and individualized for our clients needs. Anyone that has served in the military in need of Horse Therapy qualifies for this program.  


The Fillies Club  Soft muzzles, smell of leather, hay and hoof beats speak to your soul"  Reaching out to the community and important information of owning a horse. Horse talk and discussions meeting here at the farm every Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Call if you have any questions. Join us weekly for open talk forum with you choosing the topics.  Lets get the community together.



Therapeutic Riding Lessons

We offer therapeutic riding lessons to those with emotional and cognitive disabilities. We offer a "safe haven" here at our facility where we work individually with our clients needs. We also reach out to those going through rough transitions in life such as losing a loved one, family changes such as divorce and those suffering from depression.  Healing with Horses also works with those who have served our country and rovide a place where they may share their experiences. Our thereapeutic horses offer affection, boost of confidence and increase self worth. 



We are always in need of volunteers! Healing with Horses volunteers dedicate themselves to farm management and the well being of our animals as well as being involved in our programs and riding lessons we offer here. Volunteers help teach and instruct Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) " and therapeutic riding along with general riding lessons.  To volunteer here at the facility we ensure that you will have extensive horse knowledge and experience as we certify you through our "Safety Training Program". You will learn farm management, general care of horses and farm animals, safe handling of horses and horse communication and behaviors


 Youth at Risk 

Healing Asolescences with Anger or Addiction problems  those who come from a difficult life style at home resulting in anger issues, Domestic Violence, those who are suffering from being bullied at school and finding it difficult to cope with those who, themselves are bullies and act out to others due to anger issues. Adolescences can come to a calm and controlled environment where they can learn to accept their problems with anger or addiction an start the healing process of gaining self appreciation and new beginnings. Group sessions will give them comfort to connect with those going through similar situations. Kids will also be given a chance to confide and be reassured by our therapy horses through bonding and communication that helps find acceptance. Adolescences will have full support from mentors and certified instructors that will encourage important coping skills in their daily lives.  The support through rough times with these kids will be vital in their recovery to stay clean/sober and dealing with anger. This program gives them reasons to stay sober, to reteach communication skills with the help of Certified Instructors through Equine Assisted Therapy.